The San Bernardino terror attack is a false flag perpetrated by the county's brutal regime in order to divert attention from an imminent exposure of criminal activities of some county officials committed with the full knowledge of the County Board of Supervisors and Counsel.


▪ State Sponsored Crime & Terrorism in Progress

▪ San Bernardino County has concealed, fabricated and forged documents and evidence in order to cover up its negligence and criminal activities.

▪ San Bernardino County has fabricated the events of the 2015 terrorist attack to create Islamophobia and to divert attention from the many problems facing San Bernardino such as corruption, settlement of Syrian refugees in the area, bankruptcy and rising crime.

▪ San Bernardino and Federal officials are deliberately feeding false information to the public.

▪ San Bernardino and Federal officials are enlisting the help of a terrorist group in order to advance their agendas which could result in more terrorist attacks to come.

▪ Ouster of the former national security advisor General Mike Flynn directly related to his attempts at ultimately using the same terrorist group in Donald Trump upcoming war against Iran that San Bernardino is now relying on.

▪ Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Southern California Edison and local water district also complicit in the act.


When a serious case of gross negligence, mortgage fraud and cover up by HUD and San Bernardino County officials was uncovered by a former Iranian HUD inspector/consultant from FHA Center and reported to FBI and HUD Inspector General, San Bernardino County officials moved quickly to arrest him on several fabricated charges including making terroristic threats, attempts at planting bombs, extortion, burglary and harassment among other claims in order to discredit him.

San Bernardino officials have not even disclosed what the exact charges are related to. As of this posting the inspector only knows the penal codes of the one felony and two misdemeanor charges but not the actual details of the allegations.

These officials are claiming that the inspector has extorted money from the homeowners whereas not only he has never asked for any unwarranted money other than his due fees, but there is evidence in DA's own files where he has offered to do the rest of the work, a job worth a thousand dollars, for free just to bring safety to this dangerous house and its occupants. The work was thereafter completed by the inspector even without any payments and provided to all concerned but the work indicating the dangerous nature of the house has been complexly ignored.

San Bernardino County officials have charged the inspector with two counts of contempt of court orders but they do not disclose what court orders were disobeyed and how and when.

San Bernardino County DA, Mike Ramos, is acting just as Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong did during Kent University lacrosse players scandal and should be disbarred just like him if he does not drop this case immediately.


The HUD inspector who was assigned to investigate a possible fraud in an ongoing FHA loan process, had discovered that not only a fraud was indeed ongoing, but that serious negligence and error had occurred during the initial installation of the house dating back to 1992 resulting in complications of the FHA loan process. This gross error which has not been rectified to this date can cause serious injury or death to the occupants of the house creating criminal liability for all those having oversight of the property due to their continued willful gross negligence.

The improperly permitted mobile home is not sitting on any foundation systems and its framing has been compromised and put in danger of failure by unpermitted removal of old galvanized piping system and installation of new unapproved pex piping system which has contaminated the water lines and the potable water serving the house thus gradually poisoning its occupants.

The title history of the property which is located at 13939 Johnson Road, Phelan, has revealed that the property has gone through five HUD/FHA loan processes since 1992, each of which would have required an onsite inspection of the property which should have exposed the property's many deficiencies. However absolutely no HUD documentation exists as to the records of such inspections and approvals. You can see the full inspection report here.

The San Bernardino County's health department whose inspectors were killed during the terrorist attack were asked to inspect the house's water lines and soil for contamination but they ignored his calls.

As a minor female lived in this house at the time, San Bernardino's Family and Children Services (FCS) were also asked to inspect the house but they also ignored. The inspector was warned by San Bernardino officials not to pursue the case.

FCS was recently the target of a grand jury investigation and is currently being investigated by California Attorney General because of the utter negligence of the County which has resulted in deaths of many innocent children.


The County's DA office has harassed and intimidated people who have provided testimony and evidence against the County to a point where one of the grand jury members left the case out of fear. Because of the political closeness of San Bernardino County’s DA Mike Ramos's with former California AG Kamala Harris who is now serving as California senator, no action has yet been taken against this corrupt and negligent County and as the result corruption and negligence continues in this county to the detriment of its citizens.

These revelations not only showcased gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the County and HUD, but they would prevent the homeowners from getting the much needed cash out of their loan before the fixes were made. It would also prevent a corrupt broker involved in the case who had had his license revoked, from collecting his commission right away.

The HUD inspector was arrested by a personal friend of one of the homeowners, himself a former San Bernardino County deputy sheriff. His computers and phone containing photos and emails damaging to HUD and County officials were illegally seized by the friend deputy sheriff.

Not only county officials illegally refuse to provide even copies of the seized pictures and emails, but even more documents were forged by the County after the arrest and more culprits entered into this conspiracy to validate the false charges.

Learn more about the fraud, conspiracy and forged documents here.

County officials have falsely claimed that inspector's phone could not be accessed likening it to the trouble they had with those of the alleged terrorists, despite the fact the inspector's phone was not an iPhone and not locked. The corrupt detectives who arrested him had already looked at the very damning pictures inside the phone and that is precisely why they are illegally withholding the contents of this phone. criminal prosecution is being pursued against these detectives.


As this case showcased gross negligence by a wide variety of government enforcement agencies, the conspiracy became far reaching which ultimately led to the events of the terrorist attack.

San Bernardino terrorist attack occurred when the HUD inspector threatened to take the false criminal charges, the cover up and the forgery matter to the public and the media. The county officials have since frivolously related the inspector to the attack and have threatened him with further terroristic retaliation if he took the matter to the public. He has now been accused of planning further terrorist attacks when he ignored teh threats.


County officials have succeeded in colluding with the attorneys representing the inspector, including six by San Bernardino Public Defender's, Office, into railroading the inspector into a trial where no crime had been committed by the inspector. All this while the inspector was expecting the DA to drop the false charges. Administrative and criminal sanctions are being sought against this attorney and other attorneys in the case. Read more about corrupt public defender officials at Public Defender Online.

Not only the county officials do not intend to give up on the malicious prosecution of the inspector, but they are also seeking the help of Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) terrorist organization's agents for help in conviction against the inspector which will only invite more terrorism and Islmophobia, the very intent of San Bernardino County officials and the Trump administration.

San Bernardino officials have also enlisted the help of at least twenty attorneys, some of whom are representatives of MEK. You can read more about them at Corrupt Attorneys Online.

In addition to the criminal case, the lead attorneys representing the homeowners and brokers in this case, who have also been the masterminds behind all the ongoing criminal activities, have initiated a malicious and baseless libel case against the inspector trying to force him to take down his websites exposing this vast corruption and when their attempts to cause the immediate cessation of the publication of the sites failed, they have now resorted to falsely claiming that the inspector has threatened the occupants of the complex where they practice their unlawful activities with terroristic attacks.

Some of the occupants of this complex, such as Microsoft Corporation, the Coca Cola Company, Bank of America Mortgage and Hotel Irvine have now been dragged into this affair and have been subpoenaed to appear in the case in order to expose the falsity of these claims. Read more at Los Angeles County Online.

HUD personnel along with officials from State of California, Southern California Edison Electric Company and Phelan water district are also complicit in this criminal act as they have also been negligent in the matter.


Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro and his top brass, including HUD Inspector General David Montoya, were personally involved in this fraud case in order to cover up the affair and to quell any fallouts from this case hurting Castro's chances of becoming a vice presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. Castro was a front runner as Hillary Clinton's running mate before he was censured for violating ethics's laws. You can read more at HUD Online and Julian Castro Online.

San Bernardino County officials have openly bragged about the fact that they do not care about public safety and tax payers' rights. The San Bernardino County officials had warned that the terrorist attack would happen and were practicing for it.

This report showcases the depth of the negligence, incompetence, ignorance, arrogance, frivolity and malice of government officials run amok. The abuse of power and lack of interest in public safety demonstrated here is extraordinary.

In addition to capitalizing on the San Bernardino County false flag in impsosing the Shiite ban on seven countries which are predominantly Muslim Shiites, includig Iran, the Trump administration and its allies, such as Rudy Giulliani, and some members of congress who have been paid fat checks by the terrorist group MEK, intend to use the same group now in forcing a regime change in Iran. Read more here.

According to reports from Free Beacon and War Sclerotic the ouster of former Natinal Secirity Advisor, General Mike Flynn, is the result of his attempt to declassify the Iranain nuclear deal agreement hoping to start a war with Iran which he hoped would result in the Iranian government ouster. Read more here.

It appears that the Trump administration and San Bernardino County officials are recklessly headed towards a Don Quixotical style Crusade by creating fake stories against Muslims and Iranians in order to advance their neferious agendas and if unchecked this could result in many more false flags and deaths to come.


The terrorist attack occurred at a time when criminal sanctions were being pursued against the county officials for mortgage fraud, forgery, conspiracy, and fabrication and concealment of evidence.

This video was scheduled to be made available to the public and the media on the very day the attack occurred.

San Bernardino County thereafter warned against pursuit of legal action against it and the publication of the video. County officials have since attempted to link the mortgage case to the terror attack.


This video proves scientifically and methodically that based on available data not only Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik could not possibly have carried out the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, but that they themselves were in fact the fifteenth and sixteenth victims of the highly coordinated attack.

This report shows that the couple simply did not have enough time to execute the attack as described by the authorities, nor did they possess the guns used in the attack.


This short film is a compilation of several highly informative data references while dramatically showcasing the inner struggles of San Bernardino.

The video addresses the events that led San Bernardino to bankruptcy and its current level of violence.

San Bernardino mayor and residents provide a unique perspective into life in the city in hard times and the rise of crime after the terror attack.


FOX11 investigative report about children dying under the jurisdiction of San Bernardino County's Family and Children Services (FCS).

The exposé has resulted in Grand Jury and California Attorney General investigations and harassment and intimidation of witnesses and jurors carried out reportedly by District Attorney's office.

The County has enlisted the help of Enron prosecutors to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees while denying life and safety services to its citizens.


A synopsis of crimes committed by top level government and law enforcement officials:











Abuse of power and Inhumane treatment of suspects by San Bernardino law enforcement officials resulting in awards of millions of dollars in damages to dead or maimed victims while the government cuts vital services to its populace because of lack of funds.

This video demonstrates the complete lack of respect to suspects' basic rights and welfare by some county law enforcement officials who also happen to enjoy playing judges and executioners.

A county deputy sheriff also used excessive force in the process of the arrest of the HUD inspector in the mortgage case.

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